"It's Time To Shine A New Light On Congress"

"It's Time To Shine A New Light On Congress"

"It's Time To Shine A New Light On Congress""It's Time To Shine A New Light On Congress""It's Time To Shine A New Light On Congress"

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 In 2016, I was honored by Desert Ridge with their nomination for the prestigious Phoenix Chamber Athena Award. With the projects in Desert Ridge, Congress wasn't helpful. We found our way around involving Congress. But that's not how it should be. So now, I'm running for Congress. I hope you will join me in this race. 


Quality of Life

At the local level we accomplish our best work by doing what works for everyone. We all want to live in communities where we enjoy a high quality of life that makes it easier to raise a family, go to work, do business, age-in-place and play. The job of Congress is to help make that obtainable for everyone by running the country with integrity, being a good fiduciary of our tax dollars, promoting equity and keeping us safe. 


I'm Stephanie Rimmer And I'm Prepared.

Running for Congress is like running any race. Finishing strong is all in the training and preparation. I'm prepared to represent Arizona on business, jobs, education, healthcare, aging, foreign affairs, climate & sustainability, and all the issues that matter. 

But what matters most is that I am in it for us. 

Business & The Climate - It's A Partnership

Across the globe businesses in all sectors have adopted SDGs and are working together to tackle climate change. The problem, how do we keep Congress from getting in the way? We must demand government engage in developing SDGs at all levels, change procurement processes to benefit energy efficient and renewable products, invest in a sustainable and circular supply chain and support what we already do in the private sector. We can't tackle the climate if we don't hold government accountable. 


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